who we are

We are a professional and specialized team that focuses in quality, selected by the desire to work in what is our passion. Inspired by the motto “We do what we like”, every project and service gets the best of each person in our organization.


DekaDence is a third-person cyberpunk game of endless pursuit runner type, where the player drives his vehicle "The Rabbit" through the streets of Deka City with the mission of distracting the police while a group of criminals executes a big robbery.

  • Hugo Urueña

    Gerente General CEO

  • Monica Pulido

    Gerente Financiera

  • Edgar Murcia

    Coord. Modelado y Animación

  • Luis Orjuela

    Coord. Programación

  • Sandra Mosquera

    Programadora Jr.

  • Diego Sanchez

    Director de Arte